Intended use
The RHA kit HPV16 var is a kit for the identification of 6 HPV 16 variants (i.e. European, Asian, Asian-American, North American, African-1 and African-2). These variants might have different carcinogenic potential.

Summary and explanation
HPV 16 is the main causative HPV type responsible for the development of cervical cancer. Geographically several HPV 16 variants can be distinguished. These variants might have different carcinogenic potential. This assay can be a tool to investigate the efficacy of vaccines against HPV 16 to different HPV 16 variants.

Principles of the procedure
The RHA kit HPV16 var is based on the reverse hybridization principle. Denatured biotinylated amplicons, resulting from the amplification of a part of the E6/E7 region with HPV 16 primers, are hybridized with specific oligonucleotide probes, which are immobilized as parallel lines on membrane strips. After hybridization and stringent washing, streptavidin-conjugated alkaline phosphatase is added and bound to any biotinylated hybrid previously formed. Incubation with BCIP/NBT chromogen yields a purple precipitate and the results can be visually interpreted.

Ordering information
REF: S-1053 RHA kit HPV16 var 50 tests

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